Terms & Conditions

By participating in the activities organised by “One Small Step For Man,” you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Purpose of the Group:
    “One Small Step For Man” is a free ‘walk-and-talk’ community group designed for men to engage in discussions during weekly sessions. The purpose of these sessions is to provide a supportive environment for individuals to share their thoughts and feelings.
  2. Voluntary Participation:
    Participation in the group sessions is entirely voluntary. Individuals attend of their own accord, and it is understood that they are responsible for their decision to participate.
  3. Content Responsibility:
    All participants are solely responsible for the content they contribute during the group sessions. “One Small Step For Man” does not endorse or take responsibility for the opinions, statements, or actions of individuals within the group.
  4. Confidentiality:
    Whilst we encourage open discussions, participants are expected to respect the confidentiality of others. What is shared during the sessions should remain within your particular pairing, and members are advised not to disclose personal information shared by others within or outside the group.
  5. Respectful Conduct:
    Participants are expected to treat each other with respect and courtesy. Any form of discrimination, harassment, or disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated. The organisers reserve the right to remove individuals who violate these guidelines from the group.
  6. Liability Waiver:
    “One Small Step For Man” and its organizers are not liable for the content discussed during the sessions or any impact it may have on individuals outside of the designated session times. Participants acknowledge that they engage in the activities at their own risk.
  7. Medical Disclaimer:
    It is recommended that participants consult with a medical professional before engaging in physical activities associated with the group. “One Small Step For Man” does not assume responsibility for any health issues or injuries that may occur during or after the group sessions.
  8. Changes to Terms and Conditions:
    The organisers reserve the right to modify these terms and conditions at any time. Participants will need to check this page of the website for any changes, and continued participation implies acceptance of the updated terms.