Beautiful photograph of a forest with sunlight dappled through the trees

Men’s Weekly Walk & Talk Group

Every Monday | 7-8pm | Free

Higginson Park, Marlow

How it Works

6.55pm – Meet & Pair Up

‭• Meet together in your chosen location where the host will hand out support cards to any new attendees with helpful info.

‭• Get into Pairs or Group of 3

7pm – Start the Walk

‭• Share your 30 minutes equally between the 2 or 3 of you – talk about any challenged you are facing or indeed anything you’d like to celebrate.

7.30pm – Swap Focus

‭• If a linear route, the host will turn back after 30 minutes and make sure no one keeps going!

• Pairings or groups are swapped in order to get a fresh perspective and meet other people.

8pm – Finish

‭• End where you began.

‭Confidentiality is important for trust, so these conversations stay private between you both, unless otherwise discussed.

“This community is about getting guys talking, understanding and looking after their mental wellbeing in a warm, accepting and supportive environment.”

Scott Hamilton, Therapist & Coach